Car Park Operators

Central to any modern parking deployment is the move from labour intensive, paper-based permits to digital, or electronic, systems.

More and more local authorities are moving way from permit services that operate only during office hours to 100% customer self-service accounts that can be accessed at any time of the day.

MiPermit provide fully digitalised Pay & Stay and Permitting solution to local authorities and private car park operators throughout the UK. This can be employed as an enhancement to your current solutions (using MiPermit for customers to pay for parking alongside your traditional Pay & Display machines) or can be the sole method of paying for parking in temporary car parks or where Pay & Display machines cannot be installed.

MiPermit can also replace paper-based permitting solutions such as for residents permits and visitor scratch cards, reducing the cost of printing, providing and storing large numbers of paper permits as well as waste paper recycling. We can also perform as a payment gateway for your customers to be sent paper permits, should you require it.

MiPermit doesn't have to be used for parking either, it can be used for any application where a permit or payment is required, such as:

  • Pay & Display parking
  • Parking permits (residents and visitors, campus, businesses etc)
  • Boat mooring (ad hoc or permits)
  • Fishing permits
  • Bus passes
  • + many more

MiPermit can reduce your costs, increase visibility of permit usage, and give your customers the tools to self-administer their permit changes, renewals and replacements.

For more information, contact us for an informal discussion about your current solution and where we can make a difference.

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